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Council Update

Council Update
The Capital Campaign has taken center stage for the past several months, so my attempt to keep the congregation informed about council activities has fallen behind just a bit.Council met on a Saturday in March to focus on its vision for Grace for the next two years. Using the Core Convictions and goals that last year’s council developed, we chose four areas of concentration to focus on. These are:

1. Caring for all members with an emphasis on the most vulnerable.
2. Preparing for our “youth (teenagers) to be”
3. Developing a closer bond with the school.
4. Expanding Grace’s presence in the community and attracting diversity. 

Under the Core Conviction of Growing Prayerful Disciples, the council recognizes the need to be prepared for when our current preteens become teenagers. It is very exciting to report that council member Jennifer Turner has already met with parents of our preteens, and they have laid out a plan to meet with the kids six times per year for fun and spiritual development. Each event will be led by a different parent group. We want to see our young people continue to develop in their faith and service. In the meantime, council will continue to explore what comes next. Hiring a youth worker would be ideal, but that is probably not a financially viable option for us currently. Perhaps there is someone in the congregation with a heart for working with teens who might be interested in developing this ministry. If you think God might be calling you to share your gifts with the youth of Grace, please contact the church office.

Respectfully Submitted,Connie Downs

Council President