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Grace Lutheran School has been a thriving ministry of Grace Lutheran Church for 25 years. Our school is unique in its offering of a quality, academic, faith based pre-school, within a daycare setting. This program allows families with a variety of needs to select the schedule that is right for them.

Infant Program: 6 weeks- 24 months (Tiny Turtles, Caterpillars, Wobblers, PollyWogs)

Consistent, nurturing caretakers trained in techniques informed by the latest research on infant brain development, care for the needs of infants (and their mommies), 6 weeks of age through 24 months. All staff are First Aid and CPR certified.

Toddler Program: 24 months- 3 years (Tadpole & Frogs)

This program serves the diverse range of development that takes place in the early and later two year range. Language development, social skills and mastery of potty training are the focus in these busy rooms. Children begin participation in our P.E. and Chapel programs.

Pre-School Program: 3 years (Red Birds & Blue Birds)

Children age three through young four are introduced to numbers and letters through play, music and art. Heavy emphasis is placed on increasing attention span, small and large motor skill development, following directions and group play in preparation for more formal learning experiences in the Pre-K and Elementary years.

Pre-K: 4 years (Foundations & Readiness)

Placed by birth date, children ages 4 and 5 enter our Pre-K programs to prepare for their launch into Elementary school. Using Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, both classes learn letter recognition, sounds, sight words and counting to 100 (and beyond). Children will read and write at the end of this year, however, more importantly, they will be fully equipped for the world of Kindergarten, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Transitional Kindergarten Skills: 4 1/2 - 5 years (Pre-K class is a pre-requisite)

For children who have completed a Pre-K year and are not ready to start Kindergarten due to age, (five by Sept. 1), confidence, or development, our highly acclaimed TK program offers a unique alternative. Teaching ABeka curriculum for Kindergarten, this class offers a ``home school`` environment for children nearly 5 years of age to build solid confidence in their reading and math abilities and establishes a love for learning through hands on experiences in science, history and the arts. Children finishing this year enter Kindergarten or test into 1st grade if appropriate.

Kindergarten: 5 years

Our private Kindergarten program meets or exceeds the TEKS requirements of public school with the advantages of smaller class size, individual attention, and a faith based environment. Children will exit confident and enthusiastic learners, grounded in principles of faith, responsibility and strong character.

First Grade 6 years

Incorporating ABeka curriculum as well as other hands on, student centered experiences, our program will meet and exceed the TEKS requirements of the public schools. A low student to teacher ratio, (12 to 2), and individualized attention will insure success across all content areas. Our “specials” rotation will include art, music, Spanish, and physical education.In addition students will participate in chapel twice weekly.

Now Enrolling First Grade

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