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What is Kairos? Kairos is a faith based, Christian ministry which addresses the spiritual needs of the incarcerated men, women, youth and their families. By sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, Kairos hopes to change hearts, transform lives and impact the world inside and outside of the prison walls. We work to help them become loving and productive citizens of their communities. As a ministry, Kairos embraces a diverse group of volunteers working together to fulfill Christ’s call to action in Matthew 25:36.How is Grace Church involved?Jim Ponder is part of a Kairos team that will be going inside Wallace Pack Unit for Men October 3-6 to minister to the men. Cynthia Ponder will be part of the team on the outside preparing meals, etc.  Ronnie Legg is preparing briskets and sausage for the meal on Saturday to feed the 42 participants.What can you do?Our church community can be praying for this to be a time when hearts are open to the words God would have each man to hear. Jim and Cynthia will be available in the narthex this Sunday, September 29, to allow you to place your first name on a prayer chain that will be strung throughout the prison walls as a symbol to these men that they are being prayed for. In March, we will be doing this again and you can help with the 1300 dozen cookies that we use to provide the participants with a dozen each!Check out Kairos website here!Or, email Jim here.