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From Pastor Diane

I still remember the time I walked into the sanctuary early one Sunday morning. The worship assistant was preparing the congregation’s advent wreath the church had a large wreath that year that was suspended from the ceiling. Every Sunday morning the assistant had to light and put new votive candles into this large advent wreath. It was pretty impressive. And frankly, it was also a pain in the neck. So she was doing this work on the fourth Sunday of Advent, and I approached her in the midst of it, and she said, ‘You know about how all of the Sundays in Advent have names?” “Yes,” I said. “Do you know what one of the names of the 4th Sunday of Advent is?” I held my breath. “Panic Sunday.” We both had a good laugh. Yes, two days before Christmas Eve, it feels like Panic Sunday, like “I am not going to get everything done before Christmas” Sunday. It seems like Christmas-is-a-lot-of-work Sunday. Then we started talking about this large impressive advent wreath, and how she sort of missed being able to light the candles during the service, because the wreath hung above us, in the middle of the sanctuary. But, she said, “I kind of like it too. God is in the midst of us.” And there it was. The gospel, spoken to me by a member of my congregation. It is Panic Sunday, and it is a lot of work, but God is in the midst of us, a circle of light. The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, and they will see it again when we light candles and sing Silent Night, and then hold them high for one another. May the light of Christ shine in your heart, and in your home, and in your neighborhood, in in the world. God is in the midst of us.