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From Pastor Diane

This is Gratitude Month at Grace, and this week I am thinking about all of the people who serve in different ways in the church. A couple of weeks ago a small group of us tried to name all of the ways people serve in this congregation: in worship (and behind the scenes), in service, in education, in leadership. We came up with a whole page of ways people serve here — from counters to worship assistants, from children who play musical instruments to the people who set up the altar for communion every Sunday. Some tasks — so visible — and others SO invisible, but all of them necessary. But while I’m grateful for all these things, I want to also acknowledge that there are many necessary and important acts of discipleship that don’t take place in the church. All around our congregation, people are out there sharing their faith in words and deeds. Maybe they don’t even think that’s what they are doing. They are checking on elderly neighbors, befriending children, going to funerals. One couple in our congregation is in a sort of big brother or sister relationship with a child from a neighborhood school. Someone else is caring for a family member. All of this is ministry — and for this I am also grateful. We are the body of Christ — and our hands and feet and hearts are busy — playing rhythm instruments and serving communion, lifting up the weary and sharing words of encouragement. In ways we can see — and in ways we cannot see. Let us give thanks for all of it, and the Spirit who moves us to serve.