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Pastor’s Notes

Last Saturday, a few members of the Children, Youth and Family Team got together to plan our next year of ministry.  We brought calendars and set dates for activities we wanted to do, especially an intriguing program called “Messy Church”.  (Does this sound intriguing to you?)
But the most interesting thing we did, for me, was that we sat down and decided on the values that would animate our next year.  We used a set of proposed values.  We each chose our top four values about faith formation, and then we talked about what we valued and reached a consensus about our top four.  Among the values we had to chose from were: nurturing faith in daily life, connecting all generations, engaging Christian faith practices, connecting God’s story to our story, discerning the Holy Spirit in everything we do, nurturing faith for our whole lives, and loving and serving our neighbor.
The one value that all four of us agreed on was the last one: loving and serving our neighbor.  So right away we knew that this was one thing we would make sure to emphasize in education and faith formation over the next year.
We also decided that we want to connect God’s story with our own stories more intentionally.  But how will we do this?  How will we learn the ways that our lives here and now connect with God’s word?
It was a good start:  and we have some good plans (including Messy Church) to help us to meet our goals.
Pastor Diane


Pastor Diane