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Pastor’s Notes

One of the things that the church council has been working on for the past few months is the question of our purpose and our values as a congregation.  At first glance, this seems easy.  There’s one sense in which every church has the SAME purpose, a purpose that we should never lose sight of:  to proclaim the gospel of Jesus, to make sure that more and more people know the love and salvation of God.  We are here to make disciples.  And that’s true of EVERY congregation that bears the name of Christ.
But every church does this in their own unique way, with their own unique gifts, and in their own unique context.  And it is that unique DNA that we are talking about and discovering.  Who are we, and what do we value, and how do WE go about making disciples in this time and in this place?  That is the question.  And as you might imagine, each member of the council has something to bring to this conversation.
But the question isn’t just about who we are — it’s about who we want to be, in the future.  Who are we becoming?  Who does God want us to become, and what does God want us to do?
One word that we keep coming back to in our conversations, in our prayers, in our deliberations — is the word “Relationship”.  Grace IS a relational church — and relationships are at the heart of how God transforms us in Christ.  It is through our relationship with God, with one another, and with others that hearts are transformed, disciples are formed, and we grow closer to the God who has already come close to us.
Relationship.  Does this strike you as an important part of Grace’s identity?  If so, how do we value and nurture our relationship with God, with one another — and with our community?


Pastor Diane