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Pastor’s Notes

It is always good to go on vacation.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  Sometimes it’s the adventure: seeing Charleston, going to the Grand Canyon, or Stanley Park in Vancouver, or Mesa Verde in Colorado.  Sometimes it’s going home: seeing the grandchildren, visiting your parents, seeing old familiar roads and places, and noticing how they have changed. 
For me, vacation is an integral part of my vocation.  In my first parish, a wise woman once told me, “you were a person before you were a pastor.”  Indeed.  Because I love my work, it’s easy to become all wrapped up in the connections between who I am and what I do.  And of course, there is a lot of overlap between my identity and my vocation.  But they aren’t the same.
Sometimes it’s confusing.  Should I bring a particular book along on vacation, even though it’s a book about spirituality, or the Christian faith?  After all, I was a Christian before I was a pastor too.  I can leave my vocation behind when I’m away — but I can’t leave my identity behind as a child of God.  
I suspect that’s true for you, too.  Whatever you “do” — (and what you do is important) — you are more than what you do. Whatever you do, you are a person and a child of God — and that identity is first.  We are more than our work, more than our accomplishments, more than our vocations.  Sometimes you have to go away to remember that.  Sometimes you simply have to rest — and rest in God’s love.
That is true sabbath, to rest in God’s declaration of grace to you.  To know that you were a child of God, and beloved, before you were anything else.
It is good to go away, and it is good to return.  Because work is a gift too.  Work and rest — both created by God, for us.