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Pastor’s Note

What are your hopes for the new year?  
I have been thinking about the whole “New Year’s Resolution” idea for awhile. Sometimes I make resolutions. Sometimes I don’t.  When I do, I find that they are surprisingly common:  I want to exercise more, lose weight, read more, learn a new skill.  As it turns out, these are common resolutions.  Everybody wants to become a little better in the new year.
I’ve also learned that most everyone abandons their resolutions early on.  I suppose that is because, for the most part, resolutions are wishful thinking. Until we have specific goals and plans to meet them, they won’t happen.  And I suspect that most of our resolutions are the things we think we should want.
But maybe we start at the wrong place, when we start with resolutions  Because resolutions are all about how we are unhappy with ourselves, and are trying desperately to measure up.  What if we start with grace?  What if we start with the God who loves us just as we are, and who sent Jesus to us out of that overwhelming love?  
Maybe resolutions fail because we use them to try to measure up.  
Instead believe this:  you are beloved beyond all reason.  You are a child of God.
And then, ask this question:  What are God’s hopes and dreams for you in 2019?  What are God’s hopes and dreams for us?

Pastor Diane