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Pastor’s Musings

Advent. We are starting the season of Advent. There are so many advent calendars out these days, so I know that a lot of people are counting the days before Christmas.
But, what are we waiting for? That’s the question.
Of course, on the surface, the answer is easy. We are waiting for Christmas. We are waiting for the “big Event” on December 24, and for whatever that means. And let’s be honest, for so many people, the

word “Christmas” has become almost completely secular. It is about the feasts and the presents and the family celebrations, all of them good things. But we are waiting for more.

First of all, we are waiting and preparing for the baby in the manger, God-made-flesh. We are waiting for Jesus. When we pray, “Come Lord Jesus,” we are remembering that coming and holding on to that promise, that God is with us. Again.

But even that is not all. Because Christmas points beyond itself to a greater promise and an even greater reality. We are waiting for “Peace on earth, good will to all.” We are waiting for the city where the lamb is the light, and where there will be no more death and no more suffering. We are waiting for divisions to be healed, and for the hungry to be fed and for all the children of God to be recognized as beautiful.

We are waiting for his coming again. Advent. We are starting the season of Advent. It is a time to prepare and to celebrate and to consider as well the new creation of God. What kind of world will that be? Will we be prepared to live there?

Pastor Diane