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Pastor’s Musings

There’s a common question in church circles:
Does your congregation have a mission? Do you know what it is? The idea is that churches exist for a purpose — churches have a mission in life. Every

corporation also has a mission and a mission statement, but churches should have one, too.

On the surface, this is an easy question to answer: the church’s mission is to proclaim, in word and deed, the saving love of God in Jesus Christ. It is to go into all the world, making disciples. It is to be the light, to share the light, to make sure there is more light in the world.

There are lots of ways to say it. So it’s simple, in one way, but not so simple, in other ways. Because how we do that is important, too, and while the central message doesn’t change, every particular neighborhood and every particular¬† congregation has both gifts and needs for the mission of God where they are. And the “mission of God” can’t just be a bunch of words, no matter how true, but has to be lived out in the particular lives we live right here and now. Just as God became a human being in Jesus and lived among us in a particular

time and place, we have a particular way of living God’s mission right here and now.

And it’s not OUR mission, is it? It’s really God’s mission, and it’s a gift to us. It’s a gift that tells us who we are, and what our

purpose is. We are not aimless wanderers: each of us is here for a reason. And Grace is not here by accident. God has put us here for a reason.

Living the Grace of God. That’s our mission. but how do we do it right now, here in this place? How does God want us to use our talents to bless our neighbors, and to help them to find their identity and place in God’s world?

Grace School is part of our mission — of that I am sure. God has given us the children — the children in our school and the children in our congregation. How can we use our gifts for the children, for the sake of the neighborhood, for the sake of the world?
Pastor Diane