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Note From Pastor Diane

One year, during Advent, the bulletin was printed with the song for the day, “Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus.”   Except that the bulletin had a mistake — instead of “Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus,” the hymn was named “Come Thou UN expected Jesus.” Of course, we sang it in the normal way — it was a mistake. After all, the people expected Jesus for years — for centuries. And we had a good laugh about the bulletin blooper as well. How did it even happen? Was it a simple slip of the finger while typing? Or, could it be that I had given the wrong title for the hymn when I was sharing the hymn selections with the secretary? Maybe, unconsciously, I thought that Jesus was really Unexpected — a surprise. It’s true — the people were waiting and hoping for a Messiah for centuries. But when he appeared on the scene, born in a manger, crucified on a cross — well, he was not the kind of Messiah anyone expected. Advent — the season before Christmas — is for preparing the way for the Messiah. We have been expecting him since the beginning of times. but as we prepare, it is well to remember that he will always surprise us in one way or another. He will come among the poor, instead of the rich. He will give up his power, instead of hoarding it. He will forgive his enemies instead of getting even. He will not make us better. He will make us new. At Christmas, it is not just the baby Jesus who is being born. It is also we who are being born again. This Advent, prepare the way of the Lord. and prepare to be surprised — by grace, and mercy, and love.