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From Pastor Diane

This year November is “gratitude month.” All month we will be practicing gratitude: naming our blessings, who and what we are grateful for. In fact, on Sunday we gave out small notebooks to everyone so they could write down their blessings every day. It is a simple but profound practice: naming our blessings. It is simple, but not necessarily easy. There are times when it isn’t easy to think of things to be grateful for. Our lives are not easy every single day. And naming blessings is not meant to make us forget those hard things, or sweep them under the carpet. It’s a practice that will help us (perhaps) see things that we never saw before. Every week in worship we will offer thanksgiving as our theme as well. On All Saints, we’ll give thanks for the saints in our lives: past, present, and future. We’ll give thanks for those whose lives influenced ours, in small or large ways. On November 10, we will offer our commitments for 2020, and give thanks for the generosity of God, who has given us this great mission of Grace. We’ll give thanks for the mercy poured out on us, and reflect about how we can pay it forward.   And we’ll receive our financial intentions with thanksgiving to the God who has created and redeemed us, and continues to sustain us.   On November 17, we will take time to give thanks to everyone who offers their time and their talents in this community of faith. From worship assistants to ushers, cooks and bakers to Bible study and children’s church leaders, there are so many ministries both inside and outside the church for which we will give thanks. (This is just a small representative sampling of ministries.) We want to take time to say thank you to everyone. And then on November 24 we give thanks for Grace. We give thanks for the gift of Grace, and for this congregation which turned forty this year. We will give thanks in worship, and then celebrate together with a dinner after worship. As we name our blessings this month, I hope this simple but profound practice will help us to see — help us see God working in our lives in unexpected ways. I hope that we will see blessings where we never saw them before, and I hope we will bear witness to one another to the movement of this gracious God in our lives. Pastor Diane