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From Christine Larsen,

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have been humbled, blessed and honored by being called and accepting the call to Grace as a Minister of Word and Service (aka Deacon) to serve as your Director of Worship and Music. For Lutherans, diaconate ministry is not familiar term for congregation and can seem complicated.  

Whatever the official language surrounding this concept, the church equips and supports it baptized members for specific ministries. Since I began this journey, the ELCA has had many conversations that have shaped and further defined diaconate ministry. During this time, I also entered a time of discernment, faith formation and study for a deeper understanding of worship and music.   I look forward to celebrating with you the official “graduation” from the program with a service of ordination and installation. 

This Sunday we have cause to celebrate another occasion. Our worship service will include a rededication of the newly refurbished sanctuary. Why celebrate? We celebrate to remind us that it is a sacred and holy place where we gather, proclaim the gospel and bring life and hope to us and the community. To arrive at this occasion there has been the process of discernment, faith and understanding. We celebrate not only the finished product but to honor the process. In my studies for diaconal ministry and the process of refurbishing the sanctuary we have been guided by the Holy Spirit.

While our exteriors still look the same, our interiors have changed as we open our hearts and minds to new understandings as children of God and whatever the official language surrounding this concept, simply put, the church equips and supports it baptized members for specific live out callings in this community of Christ. Peace and blessings, Christine Larsen